Guest post by Kira Boden-Gologorsky We are disengaged, we are untrusting, we refuse labels, and we are apathetic. We are also the mostly highly educated, racially diverse, debt ridden, and optimistic generation in American history (PEW Social Trends 2014). We are the millennial generation. In preparation for the upcoming LPD titled: The 2016 Presidential Election: What Happened? […]

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

In Las Vegas Wednesday night, the third and final presidential debate brought America one step closer to the end of a tumulus election. Moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News led the candidates in addressing a number of domestic and foreign policy issues, but that did not prevent the candidates from achieving their own goals of […]

If the outset of a debate is any indication of what to expect, then audiences knew they were in for a showdown Sunday night. The days and hours leading up to the second presidential debate provided the two candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, with serious allegations to use against one another. The events that happened before […]

Highly anticipated by both Democrats and Republicans, the first presidential debate of the 2016 election has the potential to be remembered as the most influential debate of this election. While voters had witnessed enough of each candidate leading up to the debate to understand their individual temperaments and basic positions, no one could predict how the […]